Welcome to our facility!

Family owned and operated since 1974

PCSA accredited boarding facility

Veterinarian Recommended

Certified Pet Care Technicians on staff

Multiple Winner of “Best Of Mid Valley”

Best prices in town!


Our boarding facility has over 100 indoor/outdoor dog runs. All the runs are heated and air cooled as well as have radiant floor heating. All the insides are thermostatically controlled for convenience of the animals. The outsides of all the dog runs are completely covered, to keep them dry and out of the rain in the winter and cool and out of the sun in the summer.

We do keep the small dogs in a separate part of the kennel away from the bigger dogs.  Each animal receives individual attention, but we do offer extra services for those owners that would like to have even more playtime for their pets.

Our cat room is separate from the dog boarding area. In addition to cages, we have deluxe cat “condos”. Most people boarding their cats prefer cat condos. Each condo has three levels and is large enough that a person can stand up fully in each unit. The cats love them and are usually spotted lounging around the top level. Our cat room is climate controlled so they stay comfortable year around.

All medical records and feeding schedules are computerized. We serve Fromm dog food, but owners can bring the pet’s own food if preferred.


Vaccinations Required:


DHLP-P (Distemper Parvo Combination)

Bordetella (Canine Cough)


H3N2 Canine Influenza


Rabies (If over 6 months)


FVRC-P (Feline Distemper Combination)


PV Backside Web

PV Front web

All our boarding rates for dogs and cats run on a 24 hour day. Anything up to 8 hours over your original check in time we only charge for a 1/2 day, not another complete full day.

Daily Boarding Rates:

$18.00 per day per dog

$11.00 per day per cat

Special Care Charges:

Medication = $0.50 per Dose

Special Diet = $0.50 per Feeding

Multiple Feedings = $0.50 per Feeding

Daily Discounts:

(Dogs or Cats kept in same kennel or condo)

2 Dogs/Cats = 10% Discount

3 Dogs/Cats = 15% Discount

4 Dogs/Cats = 20% Discount

Extra Service:

$5.00 for 30 minutes of individual playtime with our staff. All play time is done in our big fenced in field on nice days or our 4000 sq. ft. indoor training facility on not so nice days.

Common Boarding Questions & Answers

Q1: I’m boarding my pet for the first time, what can I expect?

Your pet will adjust quickly to our facility, staff and routines. We have all our schedules computerized so we know exactly when and if your animal needs special feedings, medications, potty walks and exercise periods.

Q2: Is there a min/max age for boarding my animal?

Yes, dogs must be a minimum age of 8 weeks and they need to have there 3rd puppy Distemper vaccination as well as Bordetella. They can board without the Rabies until they turn 6 months of age. We require Feline Distemper for cats of all ages and rabies for cats older than 6 months.

Q3: Is there a min/max amount of time my animal can stay?

No, they can stay as little as a few hours while you run some errands or for months at a time while your on vacation or moving.

Q4: What can I bring with my animal and what do you provide in the daily charge?

We provide almost everything for your animal including beds, blankets, bowls and premium dog or cat food. You are welcome to bring toys or chew bones, however we do not accept raw meat bones.