Our Commitment To You

We feel when it comes to pet supplies and dog food, it is so important to keep the prices down, that we only mark up our products 15% – 30% NOT the normal 100% -200% that others do. We would rather you pay less and see our smiling faces more!

Pet Supplies We Offer

We have listed some of our brands we sell. More to come soon!

Furrari Crates
Classic Crates
Air Kong
Air Dog
Tire Biter
Knot Ropes
Pet’s Etc.
Advantage II
Advantix II
Van Ness

Dog Food We Offer

We carry Nutro dog food. Great food and even better prices! We buy direct from Nutro and are able to pass the savings on to you. Guaranteed to have the best daily prices on our dog food. The savings is usually on average anywhere from $6.00 on up to $14.00 per bag! Come in and get signed up for the Nutro rewards program and earn free bags of dog food and get coupons that save you additional money on your dog food purchases.

Below is a list of our dog food we currently have in stock:

Nutro Max Large Breed Adult
Nutro Max Beef & Rice
Nutro Max Lamb Meal & Rice
Nutro Max Senior
Nutro Max Adult (Chicken Base)
Nutro Max Large Breed Puppy
Nutro Max Weight Control


 Fromm Family Dog Food
Proudly made in the
Fromm is a great limited ingredient all natural dog food that we have decided to sell as well as feed to dogs in our kennel. We have had great success with this food and Highly recommend it.
Check out there website at
www.frommfamily.com for more product info.

We currently are stocking Adult Formula

Fromm Web

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We have now started carrying Natural Balance dog food in our store. We have taken the same approach to selling Natural Balance foods the same way we sell all our other supplies. We have only marked up our food a small margin to make sure you get the best price in town! Guaranteed!

We have the following formulas in stock:

Legume & Duck
Original Ultra

Potato & Duck
Sweet Potato & Bison
Sweet Potato & Chicken
Sweet Potato & Fish
Sweet Potato & Venison

Lamb Meal & Brown Rice

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